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  App crashes during scouting
Posted by: Gregory89 - 02-17-2017, 09:06 AM - Forum: BUG Reports - Replies (1)

It happens a lot that the app crashes during scouting of mines.
When the app restarts all the reports are gone.

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  Elite Masters
Posted by: Gregory89 - 02-17-2017, 09:05 AM - Forum: Legion Discussions - No Replies


I'm Gregory89 president of Elite Masters, n1 Alli of Server 35.
A teamplay Alli!

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Posted by: KATO - 02-17-2017, 09:00 AM - Forum: Allianzpräsentation - Replies (2)

Hallo Leute,

Ich bin KATO... Allianzchef von Hellfire

Ende Januar 2o16 würde die Allianz von SirHell gegründet und erfreut sich mittlerweile einer Grosse von 39 Mitgliedern.
Wir haben uns eine aktuelle Stärke von 580 Mio Kraft angeeignet und wachsen ständigSmile

Selbst nach Serverzusammenlegung war uns möglich den Rang1 zu behaupten.
Unsere Devise lautet:
1. Präsentiert euch nach aussen wir ihr selbst es erwarten würdet
2. Der Spass am Spiel und ein aktiver Chat sind die Säulen einer funktionierenden Allianz

Wünsche allen Allianzen erfolgreich Jagd,

LG euer KATO

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Posted by: sedifer - 02-17-2017, 08:52 AM - Forum: Legion Discussions - No Replies

Best Legion from server 63

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  Server 27
Posted by: DichterWicht - 02-17-2017, 08:42 AM - Forum: Spieler sucht Allianz - Replies (3)

Die Piraten suchen aktive Räuber, bewerbt euch!

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  Send Resources
Posted by: sedifer - 02-17-2017, 08:40 AM - Forum: Suggestions  - Replies (13)

I think a good idea is the possibility of sending resources between users of the same server.

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Wink Beginners guide fast growing in strenght
Posted by: Incorrects - 02-17-2017, 08:17 AM - Forum: Game Guides - Replies (4)

For new players the first thing they want is to fast grow in strenght wich is very logical offcourse.

There are many ways to gain strenght and i will put some tips that may be usefull for beginners.
Remember in this game every player is important in a legion. Every single one CAN be of use regarding to what some think or dissagree with. Better to have active players in a legion then non active strong players.

Anyway back to the tips.

- Focus on your skills:
During the game you will gain honor medals in wich you can spend on your skills. You can compare the medals as skill points you gain in different games. Keep the first 4 at same lvl as your character lvl. They give you many strenght and as the game progress you can start to think wich type of ships would you like to "Master".
Battleships have 3 attacks; submarines 1 attack (but very powerful) and usefull to attack mines; Fregate have 2 missile attacks; and aircraft carriers have planes that attack the complete fleet of the enemie. 

- Use the command books:
When a player progress in the beginning they sometimes forget to use the command books. Command books give you the possibillity to command a bigger fleet. There are many possibillity's in the game to gain those infamous books. USE them..!

- Missions:
Daily missions are important aswell in the beginning. You start with the first chapter in the game. Missions gives you experience, goods and lots of points. One thing you must keep in mind they can hurt a lot aswell. You may lose ships when you play the missions. Be whise and smart. Carefully read the mission instructions before you start to progress faster and faster.

- Defense fleet:
Never ever set a defense fleet overnight when you go to bed. Remove all ships that you have set in defense. It will make you a target for others because you gain resources in during the night and you have ships in defense.. That is deadly and a killer for you because when you got attacked, you will loose 20% that needs to be rebuild. It is better to save your ships and resources are stolen, then to lose power and have resources stolen aswell. Save your ships. play smart.

- Farming / Mining:
My advise on this is to never use the ships that cannot be rebuild. So leave the "special" ships in your base at all time. You will need them later in the game. When you attack a mine to gain resources use the ships you can build. It will be less expensive for you. Red, pink and Yellow ships gives a lot of militairy exploits wich you need later in the game to gain new ranks! So do not give your enemie the opertunity to be ahead of you.

- Warehouses and command center:
Try to build your warehouses as soon as possible and keep them as high as possible. Command center gives more output of resources and protects a certain amount. Warehouse have a huge storage capacity of your resources and keep them save from being plundered. Keep them also as high as possible. Combine it with no defense fleet and you will have a good night sleep every day without the worry that all is lost.! When you do have much resources, spend them!! Build ships, buildings, research, items etc.. When your cue is full then donate to the legion.

- Teamwork:
Many people focus more on themselves then to help others. Make sure you help your members in your alliance as well when you be able to join one. A strong player with lots of power is chanceless without a fine bunch of men supporting that person in an alliance. Winning wars together!! Together is the key to make your game more pleasant and to have more fun! Play respectful, set an example, support, help and teach what you have learned. Donations to the alliance is important. especially at the beginning. Make sure you donate on alliance level only. it is a quick way to make your alliance bigger and more people can eventually join. Donations gives you medals in wich you can use on your skills to grow. So you and your crew will benefit from it..

- Register account:
There are people who do not realize how important it is to register your account or bind your account with Movga. If something happens like a crash, reinstall, new phone / tablet. Your account will be safe and playable on any device that supports the game even after an install.
Oh and offcourse..
DO NOT GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO TO SOMEONE!!! It is better to be safe then sorry Cool

Well I hope you guys can find something usefull in these tips and if you got any questions regarding starting up do not be afraid to contact me here. Always willing to help out a little Smile

I will add more tips from time to time.

Cheers and have fun with this glorious wonderful game!

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Posted by: Bona Boon - 02-17-2017, 08:13 AM - Forum: Chat - No Replies

Hi everybody,

Please ad me on FB: Bona Boon. Thx

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  Tauschen in der Anbauteil Werkstatt hat eine fehlerhafte Beschreibung
Posted by: Rie - 02-17-2017, 08:08 AM - Forum: Bugs & Probleme - Replies (2)

Im Anbauteile Gebäude können unter "Lager" > "Tauschen" diverse Kristalle in diverse Items getauscht werden.
Bei den grünen Kristallen kann einmal für 50 grüne Kristalle ein Normales (grünes) Anbauteil Teilstück für Nr.1 oder Nr.2 eingetauscht werden.
Des weiteren kann für 150 grüne Kristalle auch ein Normales (grünes) Anbauteil Teilstück erworben werden. Hie ist der Fehler in der Beschreibung. Es wird erneut auf ein Anbauteil "Nr.1 oder Nr.2 Teilstück" hingewiesen. Hier sollte sicherlich "Nr.3 oder Nr.4 Teilstück" stehen.

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  Facebook Freunde
Posted by: Bona Boon - 02-17-2017, 07:54 AM - Forum: Aus dem Leben der Flotten Kommando-Community - Replies (1)

Liebe Mit-Kommandeure, 

Wer ist nicht scharf auf den 200-Freunde-Bonus... also added mich: Bona Boon

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