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Posted by: Andreas Menzel - 03-26-2019, 12:28 AM - Forum: Hilfe und Fragen zum Spiel - Replies (3)

Hey Leute

Ich hab 2 Schiffe im geheimhafen und kann diese nicht verwenden. Finde leider bei movga auf der Seite und hier im forum leider keine genaueren Infos darüber. ??Habt ihr Erfahrung mit dem Geheim Hafen? Könnt ihr mir näheres darüber sagen wie ich die Schiffe benutzen kann?

Danke und bis bald

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  Incoming Update on 20th
Posted by: Henry Gavin - 03-20-2019, 11:05 AM - Forum: Notifications - Replies (1)

An update is coming on 20th! Including 2 new events: Salvage Emblem, and Wish-making Furnace.

.jpg   Salvage-Emblem.jpg (Size: 198.74 KB / Downloads: 9)  
.jpg   Furnace.jpg (Size: 169.37 KB / Downloads: 9)
We will continue to make our game better!

Movga Team

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  Account Handel
Posted by: Andy225 - 03-18-2019, 10:19 AM - Forum: Hilfe und Fragen zum Spiel - Replies (4)

Liebes Movga Team,

ich bitte mal um kurzes Statement was jetzt wirklich erlaubt ist und was nicht. Ich habe einem GM im Spiel geschrieben das ein Account bei uns verkauft worden ist, der hat mir gesagt, dass das ja erlaubt sei.
Hier lese ich jetzt das es nicht verkauft werden darf.

Was stimmt denn jetzt?

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  Fehlen von Resis Boost
Posted by: Martin Rangius - 03-16-2019, 02:46 PM - Forum: Bugs & Probleme - Replies (1)

Hallo hab heute mal schauen wollen wie mein resis Boots aussieht und musste mit Schrecken feststellen das der ganze boost weg ist außer das was ich seit gestern aktiviert hatte mir fehlen ca. 11 Tage boost bei seltenen Erden und Öl

Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk

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Information About game
Posted by: baramboo - 03-16-2019, 06:58 AM - Forum: Panzer Sturm II - No Replies

[Image: 5b5d80ea6827f9cf22711b6e9b269d5b.png]

If you’re getting sick and tired of that pay to win bullcrap, change the game and play Panzer Sturm II on PC and Mac. Developed by the same team behind the hit original strategy game, Panzer Sturm II brings only the best features of that first title and adds in a ton of awesome sauce for everyone to taste and enjoy.

Build your empire and watch as technology advances beyond your wildest dreams. Upgrade your tanks and troops with the latest gear and weapons as you wreak devastation across the world. Unlock more than 110 different tanks based on real-world vehicles throughout history as you coordinate attacks from the land, sea, and air in this epic military engagement. Play Panzer Sturm II on your computer to get in control of the most powerful weapons of destruction on the planet. HappyWheelsGeek


[Image: 2019-03-16-105436.jpg]

How to Play Panzer Sturm II on PC

[Image: 2019-03-16-105547.jpg]

You can play every single Android game or app right on your computer or laptop without the hassles and stresses of other systems. The free BlueStacks 4 player for PC and Mac systems enables your computer to install and run any Android game right from your hard drive. No more will you need wires, extra programs, or even a mobile device to enjoy your favorite tank strategy game. Instead, you simply sit down and get ready for intense military combat using the most sophisticated emulating technology available. The exclusive BlueStacks 4 gaming engine makes your tanks run as smooth as the day you first hopped into them. Crisp graphics and realistic sounds are emulated perfectly for a pristine gaming experience on any PC and Mac system.

Hope this info was useful for you Tongue

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  Interserver Battle coming!
Posted by: Henry Gavin - 03-15-2019, 11:14 AM - Forum: Notifications - Replies (4)

Now is time for another Interserver Battle! The skilled commanders of earlier servers might have experienced this event already, but for commanders of later servers, are you ready to take this new challenge, facing champions from other servers? Fight for your server and get great rewards! And for the newly graduates, commanders of latter server 227 or later, you still need some time before enjoying this great event in the future, at present it is your priority to strengthen yourselves!
- Qualification: Top 4 commanders of Military Exercise from each server will be gathered and divided into groups of 16 commanders to fight for the final champion. The groups will be divided as such:
(S001+S002+S003+S004), (S005+S008+S009+S011+S013), (S006+S007+S015+S018+S019), and (S010+S012+S014+S016+S017+S020).
(S021+S024+S026+S031+S32), (S022+S023+S025+S030+S033), (S027+S028+S029+S034+S037), and (S035+S036+S038+S039+S046).
(S040+S041+S043+S044+S047+S048), (S042+S045+S050+S056+S058), (S049+S051+S053+S052+S054+S057), and (S055+S059+S060+S063+S065+S066).
(S061+S062+S064+S067+S068+S069), (S070+S071+S072+S081+S083+S084), (S073+S074+S075+S077), and (S076+S078+S079+S080+S082).
(FR servers+S085+S086+S087+S088), (S089+S090+S091+S092+S093+S094+S095+S096+S097+S098+S099), (S100+S101+S102+S103+S104+S105+S106+S107+S108), and (S109+S113). 
(S110+S114), (S111+S112+S115+S116), (S117+S118+S119), and (S120+S121).
(S122+S123+S124), (S125+S126), (S127+S129+S130), and (S128+S131+S132).
(S133+S137+S138+S139), (S134+S135+S136+S140), (S141+S142+S143+S144), and (S145+S146+S147+S149).
(S148+S150+S151+S154), (S152+S153+S155+S156), (S157+S159+S160+S163), and (S158+S161+S162).
(S164+S166+S168+S169), (S165+S167+S170+S172+S175), (S171+S173+S174), and (S176+S179+S180).
(S177+S178+S181+S184), (S182+S183), (S185+S186+S187+S188), and (S189+S190+S192+S195).
(S191+S193+S194), (S196+S197+S199), (S198+S200+S201), and (S202+S203+S206).
(S204+S205), (S207+S208+S209), (S210+S211+S212), and (S213+S214+S215+S216).
(S217+S219+S223), (S218+S220), (S221+S222+S224+S225), and S226.

.jpg   0316-EN.jpg (Size: 289.86 KB / Downloads: 5)

- Entrance:【Ocean Center】, please note that commanders need to reach lv30 to enter Ocean Center and participate in this event.
- Schedule: Selecting top ranking commanders in Military Exercise starts from March 16th. Battles are all BO3, each competitor needs to set 3 fleets.
- Reward: Competitors can gain Points from fighting, and others can also get Points by presenting flowers to competitors. Points can be used for exchanging rare items in the Shop. Of course the top 3 final winners of Interserver Battle will win abundant reward, including title and possible orange accessory, every commander of their servers will get a prize as well (you need to reach lv30 to receive the prize).
For more details please check in the event interface. Now is time to find out who is the true champion of all commanders. Good Luck!

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  Accesorios rojos
Posted by: CoveRanger - 03-13-2019, 08:54 PM - Forum: Anuncio - No Replies

Queridos comandantes,
¡Accesorios rojos han subido al juego! ¡Equipa con ellos para conseguir una mayor fuerza de combate!
Los accesorios anaranjados vinculados ya podrán desarrollarse a los rojos, lo cual requiere fragmentos generales, fragmentos de accesorios rojos y núcleos de fusión.
¡Que te diviertas en el juego!
Equipo Movga

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  INFO : Délai d'attente dépassé et WiFi
Posted by: Kermito - 03-13-2019, 11:37 AM - Forum: Bugs - No Replies

Salut tous :

Certains peuvent etre confrontés de manière récurrente au fameux message "délai d'attente dépassé" de manière très fréquente sans que ce soit forcément lié à un quelconque bug du jeu.

En règle générale, ce problème apparait quand on a une connexion réseau instable, manque de réception par exemple, mais pas que..

Le cas particulier que j'aborde ici est lorsque cela vous arrive en connexion WiFi, même à 1 mètre de votre box.

Les box récentes intègrent un routeur Wifi dual band, qui en général est paramétré par défaut pour utiliser simultanément les fréquences 2.4GHz et 5.0GHz sur le même nom de réseau WiFi.

Ceci est très performant, sauf que malheureusement, la plupart des téléphones et tablettes supportent assez mal ce mode, et auront tendance à basculer très (trop) fréquemment entre ces 2 fréquences, ce qui va provoquer des soucis de connexion qui sont très pénalisants dans le jeu FC.

La solution dans ce cas est de séparer les fréquences sur 2 noms de réseau Wifi (SSID) distincts.
Ainsi votre téléphone ou tablette accrochera une seule fréquence et n'en bougera pas.

Si votre téléphone a les 2 réseaux Wifi enregistrés spérarément, alors il ne basculera sur l'autre que si la connexion est perdue.

Pour séparer les fréquences et utiliser un nom de réseau par fréquence, il convient d'aller dans le paramétrage de sa box à la rubrique WiFi.

Un autre souci peut affecter le WiFi : le nombre d'appareils connectés : les opérateurs communiquent peu sur la limite de connexions wifi simultanées. En règle général, pour une box embarquant un routeur Mu-Mimo, la limite est de 8, mais dans la protique pour certaines box, on commence à avoir des bizarreries dès 4 appareils connectés.

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Posted by: xxMX5xx - 03-12-2019, 06:00 PM - Forum: Bugs & Probleme - Replies (1)

Hallo Ihr Seekämpfer!

Habe mein Kommandozentrum heute auf Level 25 gebracht.
Leider kann ich die Ausrüstungsfabrik nicht betreten.
Hab auch schon neu gestartet aber immer die Mitteilung, dass ich Level 25 brauche um diese zu betreten.

Was mach ich falsch?

Danke im Vorraus

MX5 Huh

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  Incoming Update on 12th
Posted by: Henry Gavin - 03-12-2019, 09:02 AM - Forum: Notifications - Replies (3)

An update is coming on 12th! Including:
-New event Card Trading, and new versions for Super Sale Shop.

.jpg   Card-Trading.jpg (Size: 199.94 KB / Downloads: 9)  
.jpg   SSS.jpg (Size: 121.38 KB / Downloads: 9)
-New level limit 110! And new chapter 27 in Mission.
-Optimization: display not refreshing problem of Emblem set effect is fixed.

And one more thing: The range of chat ban rules has been widened, from 12th on, once reported, contents about forbbiden subjects and vicious messages IN THE GAME (including World Chat, Legion Chat, Private Chat, and Private Mail)  will lead to a warning or ban on ALL CHATS (World Chat, Legion Chat, Private Chat) for the sender.
For more details about chat rules please visit:
We will continue to make our game better!

Movga Team

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