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Vector and Microbe Guide


Dec 2017
Big Grin 
I wrote this guide for use in 420 and submitted a copy to movga to try and verify our findings. They advised me to post 5hia here for the benefit of other players! 

Vector Guide, ALPHA REVISION 0.1.0

-block attack, recover viability
-pathogenicity increases as viability decreases
-Increase warehouse Protection Capacity ***
-Chance to avoid attack from Immune System
Defensive Vector
ideal microbes: fungal>viral>bacterial 

-weaken immune system
-offsets damage at unknown viability value 
-chance to attack multiple targets
-Increase Water Output ***
Offensive Vector
ideal microbes: Viral>bacterial>fungal

-deals extra damage when attacking first
-recovers energy after destroying target (Energy?)
-chance to continue causing damage after damage inflicted
-increases microbe culture speed ***
Offensive Vector
Ideal Microbes: Strongest Tier, Mixed

-dodges attack, then damages enemy
-reduces damage taken from enemy
-deals extra damage to microbes near target
-Increases money output ***
Defensive Vector
Ideal Microbes: Bacterial

-increase viability before attack
-reduce damage recurved from enemy
-deals bonus damage
-increase gene output ***
Offensive Vector
Ideal Microbes: Viral>Bacterial>Fungal

-increases resource gathering capacity ***
-deals (?) extra damage when its viability is less than (?)
-chance to deal extra damage and mark target
-deals extra damage to marked target
Neutral/Gathering Vector
Ideal Microbes: Fungal>Bacterial>Viral

-regenerate microbes when viability is lost
-deal extra damage after attack
-regenerate microbes and deal damage to multiple targets
-increases organic matter production ***
Offensive/Defensive Vector
Ideal Microbes: Strongest Tier, Varied

-Deals Extra Damage
-reduce damage taken/microbe losses when attacking
-increases pathogenicity when attacking
-increases research speed ***
Offensive Vector
Ideal Microbes: Fungal>Bacterial>Viral

-self healing (regeneration, cure, whatever-you'll take less microbe losses and possibly regenerate lost microbes)
-increases viability
-greatly increases viability when microbes are lost
-reduces damage recurved
Unknown purpose, suspected as useful for epidemics, 
no particularly special abilities but can sustain the longest periods of combat
Ideal Microbes: Viral>Bacterial>Fungal (Viral has a substantially higher advantage, avoid bacterial/Fungal if possible)

*** indicates passive abilities that are always active weather the vector is in use in any way.
*** suggested to focus on developing passive abilities for all vectors, particularly water, bird, and mosquito

will test soon which vectors perform best in comparison to others in their respective categories (offensive\defensive\etc.)

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