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Movga Account Upgrade


Mar 2017
These days, some players complained that if they login GOB with a guest account they would lost all game progress and have to play our game with a new guest account. Do you want to know how to avoid this situation? Please keep reading.

1. If you have already registered a Movga account to play Fleet Command or other Movga games, you can use directly this account to login Game of Biology.

2. If its your first time to play Movga games, you can see these steps as follows:

- Tap the button Movga Login;
-Tap Register;
-Input your username”“passwordandEmailand then tap the button Register.
3.If you have played the game for many days with a guest account, you can upgrade your guest account to a Movga account as follows:

-Tap the button Bind Account on the interfaceGame Setting;

-Tap the buttonMovga;
-Input your username”“passwordandEmailand then tap the button Bind.

We suggest you to play our game with a Movga account so that you can reset password with the binding email when you forgot it. If you play our game with your Facebook account, we suggest you also to upgrade you account to a Movga account because Facebook account can not bound with email, thus you cannot reset password when you forgot it.

Of course, if you forget Movga account login information, you can contact us via gob@movga.com, so that we can help you with that Dont forget to provide us with your character name and your server.

Thanks for your support!


Sep 2018
thank you very much for sharing with us!

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