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New In Game World Chat Rules
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
Dear commanders,

In order to provide a better chat environment for every player, we now strongly suggest all commanders to obey the following rules in World Chat, anyone who fails to do so and gets reported will punished.
Forbidden subjects:
Personal assaults
Real life threatens
Extreme statements and extremist views
Sexual harassment
Commanders who fail to avoid the above subjects and get reported will be banned to speak in World Chat:
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 24-hour ban
3rd time: 3-day ban
4th time: 7-day ban
5th time: 1-month ban
6th time: 3-month ban
7th time: 6-month ban
8th time: Permanent ban
These rules will be amended and new rules added if necessary.

All rights reserved to Movga Team
Movga Team

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