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5 Star Review for Gifts!
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
2018 has come! Movga Team sincerely thank you for companying us last year. If you like our game or have any ideas and suggestions, please tell us in app store with a 5 star review! Your support is our greatest motivation!
We will send a gift to all commanders in the game on January 29th, the gift is related to the amount of total 5 star reviews we receive during the past 2 weeks, everyone can get at best a gift of 1500 diamonds worth!
50-100 reviews: Gift of 200 diamonds worth
101-150 reviews: Gift of 300 diamonds worth
151-200 reviews: Gift of 400 diamonds worth
201-250 reviews: Gift of 500 diamonds worth
251-300 reviews: Gift of 600 diamonds worth
301-350 reviews: Gift of 700 diamonds worth
351-400 reviews: Gift of 800 diamonds worth
401-450 reviews: Gift of 900 diamonds worth
451-500 reviews: Gift of 1000 diamonds worth
501-550 reviews: Gift of 1100 diamonds worth
551-600 reviews: Gift of 1200 diamonds worth
601-650 reviews: Gift of 1300 diamonds worth
651-700 reviews: Gift of 1400 diamonds worth
701-750 reviews: Gift of 1500 diamonds worth
The more 5 star reviews are given, the better gift everyone gets!

Movga Team


Feb 2017
Can i just get some clarification on this..

Some months ago some event similar to this one was active..It said a gift of .... Diamonds worth as main prize.
I thought that we'd get diamonds..and then we got a prize WORTH that amount of diamonds. And since it again says the main prize is a 1500 diamond worth gift, does that mean we'll get that amount of diamonds, or again a reward worth that amount..just to be ahead of any possible confusion
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