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Tips about accounts
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
Tips about accounts:
1. When you play our game for the first time, you can either log in with your Facebook account, or create a Movga account and log in with the Movga account - visitor account or official account.
How do I know if I am logging in with visitor account:
Settings/login interface - Switch account, if you find your account name a combination of random letters and numbers (e.g. 551d48f26e), it means you are logging in with a visitor account.
2. Upgrade visitor account to official account:
Settings - Bind Account
This is also where you bind your Movga account and FB account together.
When you upgrade to official Movga account or bind FB account with Movga account, please note that the Movga account name must be unique. And you can link your Movga account with an email adress, so you can tap forget password if you want to change password in the future.
3. A Movga account can be bound with ONE FB account, link with ONE email adress, and have ONE character in each server. An email adress can only be linked with ONE Movga account. An FB account can be bound with ONE Movga account, and it cannot link with email address.
4. I forgot to bind account/link email:
Send email to fc@movga.com (for English language only), with the following information:
i.Your character ID (the series of numbers at the bottom of Settings interface), or your character name/movga account name and server.
ii.Screenshots of recent recharge invoices, if you have recharged.
iii.If you haven't recharged, you need to give us some of the following information: your character level, Command level, Command Center structure level, your legion, your last login time, etc. The more you remember the better for us to locate you and make sure the character belongs to you and thus help you.
Please note that for visitor accounts we provide a temporary password that is only valid for 1 hour, you need to login and upgrade account during that period - Or let us upgrade it for you, if you trust us.

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