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Myn idea are


Jun 2018
First of all, to make the game cooler are ...stop with
GM that use multi accounts at same server.

Second idea... in server 110 they are 3 GM’s
And few have multi accounts in different team’s 
And they are also players with multi acc. 

And that GM get 30k free dias from movga i have no
problem with that. But if they use the dias to his other acc thats not fair
Vs players that need to pay for his dias!

İ know the GM don’t go like this mesage. But its the
treu whats happining in vloten commandgame!

And sorry for myn bad englishe grammer  Wink
P.s i hope Movga shold take action to his gm with multi acc in same server.
Limam Badaoui


Jun 2018
Yes is good


Mar 2019
Worth to know about this. Thanks for posting it.

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