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Making it interesting
Omas Lux


Jun 2018
I usually do not write on forums. But before I quit I wanted to make a few suggestion to this "money sucking" company called Movga. I come from server EU177, which merged with EU178 not long ago, and new server is also about to die soon.

I haven't seen servers die so quickly in other games I played before. Ever.

1.) what is the function of a GM payed by Movga? In our server we have 2. One is almost never online, which is fine because he at least answers PM regularly and helps you out. The other one has a kind of a mind disease I guess as he desperately wants to be Nr1. in everything. And with Movga's help in form of diamonds & freebies for him (he brags regularly about it) it is simple to be Nr.1. Which makes it very unattractive for other players. I wonder how much real money Nr.2 has to spend to keep up?
So suggestion would be, limit playing function for GM. They should be leagueless (independent) and there only as a bond between players & Movga.

2.) Legion battles. There are nice awards in them, but you cannot always get them. This biding system is hilarious. Many times 4 or 5 legions apply for the same battle, of course only 2 with biggest bid will get to fight. But as seen countless of times, legions ranked even around place 50! apply and then nobody of the players appear to fight. So one team cannot get activeness awards, and the rest cannot get anything.
Suggestion: punishment for the team that registers for legion war and afterwards not even one player appears & the 3rd bider gets the chance to involve if nobody from any of the involved team shows up (in 5 min or so). In that case score resets.

3.) Upgrade location storage (how many times player can save a location of a mine or a player). 20 is nothing!!

4.) If I send location of a pirate or officer's maneuver on league or world chat it disappears when thrown out of a game. Unfortunately your game hangs too many times. I cannot even play it on iPad 2 and iPad 2 mini no more! On every attack I wish to see, it throws me out. On Poseidon I lose countless attacks daily with re-loging.
Suggestion: Remove function that location of pirates&officer maneuver tasks disappear if you log out. Fix bugs for older phones/tablets. Or at least give auto attacks on Poseidon for lower than VIP3.

5.) Players can do whatever evil they want in this game. Like prosperity attacks for example. Just to weaken you before legion or regional war, or out of envy, anger or whatever. POW is a good function for those.
Suggestion: Make it possible to destroy a players naval base. Or just to crush a players fleet in naval base. If the fleet is in harbour, it can be crushed (not just if set as defense). Like in real wars. This is where a team work comes into play. To remove bad seed from server.
I know this won't happen, because you would lose income with losing evil big ego players with money... but I had to write it anyways.

5.) make in-game descriptions for more things. Like where to get missing gadgets, officers books, items.

6.) You have to use energy for too much things, like supply line, missions, mining, attacks, officer's maneuver. Making one mission "story(hard)" consumes 3 energy points. Insane!
Suggestion: Make it possible to do supply line without energy lose as well (as expedition force, looting...). Drop down energy points needed for equip explore/story (hard) missions. Players would have more energy for attacking, plundering... things that makes the game interesting.

7.) If you attack a player, he/she can put a shield on after you launch attack just before you arrive. Or even move the base. You cannot move base if you are mining. But you can do while other players fleet are on the way to your place?! 
Suggestion: once you have an attack incoming, you must save your fleet or defend your base. You should remove the function that one garrison fleet occupies one of your spots. Teamwork would be that all the league can defend one base. This would also build up teamwork, maybe people would use domains and move closer to league comrades. 

8.) You can use diamonds to reach base/mine instantly. Seriously. Wow. If that could work in real life. Why bothering playing if someone with one green battle ship attacks you before you know it to do prosperity attack. Then puts a shield on and laughs at your face.
Suggestion: if you get attacked you should have some time to decide for action (whatever that is). Remove instant hit. Upgrading ships to become faster, using haste/speedup... that is enough in my opinion. But once again diamonds can buy anything.

9.) Players can use random move order to move them anywhere on the map. It is a mission impossible to find player afterwards. So once again prosperity attack, and then disappear.
Suggestion: make easier to find players, whether teammates or enemies. 

10.) After you send your fleet away you cannot recall it. Let's say pirate was killed, officer's maneuver was done by somebody else, player used random move order or put a shield on.
Suggestion: make it possible to recall troops if you decide to do so. At least before they are half way.

11.) You get a bunch of stuff you don't need anymore later on in the game, or if you spend a lot of money. They use up your inventory and you cannot remove them.
Suggestion: make it possible to donate them to other players. Alliance could grow stronger, faster, people would connect more. Yeah, I can dream on....

Ok. Right now I became hungry and without more ideas (though through the game I know I had many more). I apologise for being long, but this is where I stop now.  Tongue 

This are mostly my ideas, but many share the same of similar opinion.

Have fun playing the game further on.  Big Grin


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