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Incoming Update!
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
An update is coming later today on 5th, including:
- New event: Transgenosis Fruit Tree, Timed Recharge Gift (Alien Resource ver)
- Optimization:
1. A small corner mark has been added on accessory icon, showing which place it belongs. And the place an accessory fits is also shown in discription.
2. A button for adding resource has been added in Shipyard and Refit Factory.
3. Whole sale function in Depotship shop and Alien Gem shop.
4. Shared reports will not show coordinates any more.
5. VIP display in Redpack event has been canceled, your VIP will not be shown in that event.
6. List refresh optimization of Depotship Bounty task list.
7. Colours of top players in Seabottom Prospection rank list is fixed.
8. The reward period of Sweet Carnival and Unite and Execute is prolonged.

We will continue to make our game better!

Movga Team

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