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Interserver Battle on 19th
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
Now is time for another Interserver Battle! The skilled commanders of earlier servers might have experienced this event already, but for commanders of latter servers, are you ready to take this new challenge, facing champions from other servers? Fight for your server and get great rewards! And for the newly graduates, commanders of server 202 or later, you still need some time before enjoying this great event in the future, at present it is your priority to strengthen yourselves!
- Qualification: Top 4 commanders of Military Exercise from each server will be gathered and divided into groups of 16 commanders to fight for the final champion. The groups will be divided as such:
(S001+S002+S003+S004), (S005+S008+S009+S011+S013), (S006+S007+S015+S018+S019), and (S021+S024+S026+S031+S32).
(S010+S012+S014+S016+S017+S020), (S022+S023+S025+S030+S033), (S042+S045), and (S041+S043+S048).
(S027+S028+S029+S034+S037), (S035+S036+S038+S039+S046), (S040+S044+S047), and (S049+S051+S053).
(S050+S056+S058), (S052+S054+S057), (S055+S059+S060), and (S061+S062+S069).
(S063+S065+S066), (S070+S071+S072), (S074+S075), and (S079+S080+S082).
(S064+S067+S068), (S073+S077), (S076+S078), and (FR servers).
(S081+S083+S084), (S089+S090+S091+S092), (S094+S097+S098+S099), and (S101+S103+S105).
(S085+S086+S087+S088), (S093+S095+S096), (S100+S102+S104), and (S106+S107+S108).
(S109+S113), (S111+S112+S115+S116), (S120+S121), and (S125+S126).
(S110+S114), (S117+S118+S119), (S122+S123+S124), and (S127+S129+S130).
(S128+S131+S132), (S134+S135+S136+S140), (S145+S146+S147+S149), and (S152+S153+S155+S156).
(S133+S137+S138+S139), (S141+S142+S143+S144), (S148+S150+S151+S154), and (S157+S159+S160+S163).
(S158+S161+S162), (S164+S166+S168+S169), (S165+S167+S170+S172+S175), and (S171+S173+S174).
(S176+S179+S180), (S177+S178+S181+S184), (S182+S183), and (S185+S186+S187+S188).
(S189+S190+S192+S195), (S191+S193+S194), S196, and S197.
S198, S199, S200, and S201.
- Entrance:【Ocean Center】, please note that commanders need to reach lv30 to enter Ocean Center and participate in this event.
- Schedule: This event will start registration from October 19th. Battles are all BO3, each competitor needs to set 3 fleets.
- Reward: Competitors can gain Points from fighting, and others can also get Points by presenting flowers to competitors. Points can be used for exchanging rare items in the Shop. Of course the top 3 final winners of Interserver Battle will win abundant reward, including title and possible orange accessory, each commander of their servers will get a prize as well.
For more details please check in the event interface. Now is time to find out who is the true champion of all commanders. Good Luck!

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