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Verbal statement about GM


Feb 2017
Verbal statement about GM
After careful consideration we think that OldJupi of Server2 is not only qualified for our work, but also willing to help other players. So we officially appointed the player OldJupi to take the post of Game Master.

The mainly works of GM contain following five points:
1. Reply the online questions of players in time (including problems in World-chat-room and Line)
2. Feedback the mainly problem or bug of the game in time.
3. Guide and supervise whether the comments in World-chat-room are related to sex, violence and religionary or political incitement. If they are related to these problems he should give a timely warning. When three times of warning doesn't work, he will report to us and we will silence them for a week.
4. Assist in execution of other Movga officially matters
5. Forum management
Every player has the right and duty to supervise the work of GM and impeach GM if they are incompetent.
So if any of you has questions, please contact with OldJupi in game or with Line (ID:oldjupi_andre).
And Players from Server 1, 3, 4 can also contact with him with Line or directly with us by mail, mk@movga.com.
Let’s create a great game environment!
GM of Mittelalter Krieg:
OldJupi     Server1-4


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