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Legion Mixer Online
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
New legion function: Mixer is online today!
Members can donate unneeded items into Mixer for those who need them to get, and gain Yellow Spars, which can be used for exchanging items in Spar Shop.
Legion Mixer Automatically Mix items at 0:00 CET every day, one item out of multiple same added items will be put into Station for members to buy (the rest put in items are consumed). The item in Station has Appoint period and Available period, after it is put in Station, if an item is not bought after Available period is over, it will be destroyed and turned into Legion Funds. Please note that once an item is added into Mixer, it cannot be taken back, the operation cannot be undone.
For more details please check in Legion Function - Mixer!
Thanks for supporting our game! If you have any questions please send us email: fc@movga.com
Or leave a message on our Facebook page:

Movga Team

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