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Incoming Update!
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
An update is coming today on 15th! Including:
- Optimization: 
1 Legion Mixer requirements are lowered:
Naval Matrix mixing unlocks at Achievement lv60,
Super Equipment mixing unlocks at Achievement lv70,
Alien Weapon mixing unlocks at Achievement lv80,
Accessory mixing unlocks at Achievement lv90.
2 Daily Tasks for Depotship and Aircraft are added.
3 Now Trade Escort are back on "out on mission" fleets list.
- Text improvements, including changing the names of base output boost items:
Accelerate Production II (Increases basic output of 5 resources by 100%, lasts 12 hours)
Accelerate (+50% basic output of 5 resources, lasts 12 hours)
are changed to
Resource Output Boost I (Increases basic output of 5 resources in your base by 50%. Lasts 12 hours.)
Resource Output Boost II (Increases basic output of 5 resources in your base by 100%. Lasts 12 hours.)
There will be a new system released on 17th!
We will continue to make our game better!

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