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Commander Emblem is released!
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
New system Commander Emblem is online!
Emblem system unlocks when you reach lv35, it is in Commander interface (tap avatar to enter).
1. Each Emblem has its suitable slot.
2. When you equip multiple slots with the same set of Emblem, you get extra attributes from Set effect.
3. You need Emblem-Exp to upgrade your Emblems, and when an Emblem reaches certain level, you can consume material items to further enhance it, raising its max level and attributes. The max potential level is related to quality of the Emblem.
4. You have a chance to get Emblem shards from Emblem Stages, and you can compose Emblem shards to Emblems.
5. Emblems of different slots grant you different attributes, please choose and upgrade your Emblems wisely.
6. Top quality Emblem provides an extra attribute, comparing to Emblem of other qualities.
For more details please check in game: Avatar - Commander Emblem.
Have fun!

Movga Team

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