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Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey


Apr 2019
Start your weekend with some of the best Astros links around"Astros NewsAlex Bregman hosted A-Rod Ronald Acuna Jr. Jersey , Jake Marisnick, and a slew of other MLB players in a state-of-the-game roundtable (YouTube)Could the State of the Astros include a trade with the Mariners for a bat? (Climbing Tal’s Hill)Here are five things the Astros might want for Christmas, front teeth not included (House of Houston)And thanks to Lance McCullers, these 90 animals will have a much more merry Christmas (Click2Houston)Around the LeagueLet’s start updating those power rankings after a week at the Winter Meetings (Bleacher Report)The Padres could help themselves on such lists if they sign Keuchel (MLB Trade Rumors)And if they sign him, he’ll have Ian Kinsler backing him up on the infield (FanGraphs)The Indians continue to trade away pieces as Yonder Alonso heads to the White Sox (ESPN)Oh Toronto Tulo, we hardly knew you (Baseball Prospectus)Jose Ramirez knows how to do backyards right (CUT4)Who knew that old cardboard boxes were so important to baseball history? (La Vida Baseball)If the Rays end up leaving Tampa Bay over a stadium, well, that’s just business (Tampa Bay Times)Speaking of business, some think that baseball could be headed to a labor dispute if spending doesn’t pick back up again (Chicago Sun Times)I always knew there was something fishy about Marlins Man (The Big Lead) As spring blossoms, does fan confidence? Or are we still trapped in the depths of winter?"February results2018 ended in resoundingly unhappy fashion, with the D-backs having traded away the face of the franchise in December. That led to fan confidence dropping to its lowest level since September 2016, barely above three. With another month to get through the five stages of grief Sean Newcomb Jersey , and the signing of Wilmer Flores, would the results from the beginning of February be any better? 229 of you took up your mice and clicked to tell us what you thought. 22% - 1 (not confident in the slightest)15% - 219% - 314% - 412% - 514% - 63% - 70% - 8 [technically, 0.4%!] 2% - 9 (very, very, VERY confident)The worst might be over. After the number of 1’s all but tripled from December to January, they took a step back out of the abyss of despair in February, dropping by a quarter, from 30% back to 22%. They haven’t exactly become brimming with optimism, however, much of those having gone next door into the #2-4 block. Overall, 69.4% have confidence at a four or lower, which is slightly improved from 75.8% figure at the start of the year. At the other end Preston Tucker Jersey , we find the hardcore optimists: between five and seven percent have voted seven or better, each of the last three months. I’ll have what they’re drinking. SmileBelow, you can see the breakdown of voting for the past year. Time progresses from the top down, beginning with the March 2018 poll.The overall average is still not good. However, at 3.45, that’s up slightly more than one-third of a point compared to the first poll of the year. It still, however, remains lower than at any point since the end of the 2016 campaign. That start of year uptick does seem to be a trend. It feels that confidence generally declines once the season is over, until the turning of the calendar. Then, as spring approaches, optimism rises, at least somewhat. I guess Zack Greinke Jersey , if you can’t be optimistic before the season begins, when can you be? Here’s the chart with all the poll averages - which probably makes a little more sense now we have two values for 2019!March pollSpring training is under way, and the D-backs have begun quite well, winning four of the first five games. Activity elsewhere perhaps plays into confidence, with Manny Machado signing a long-term deal with the Padres, but Bryce Harper not signing with the Dodgers or Giants, two of his final suitors, instead staying in the NL East with the Phillies. Do either of those factor into your opinion?Here’s the poll: as usual, explanations are welcome in the comments...

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