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Jun 2019
It is no secret that Donovan McNabb never had a true number one wide receiver target until Terrell Owens came along Daniel Jones Jersey , and later Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Andy Reid and McNabb managed to win throughout the 2000s despite the weakness and the constant marching of below average talent onto the field to start beside one of league's next quarterbacks. It didn't go without trying. Reid and the front office tried the draft and tried free agency only to continue to put mediocre at best talent with McNabb.Fast forward to the Chip Kelly coached Eagles and you will see a nice tandem on the outside for the Philadelphia Eagles with Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Even throw Jordan Matthews or Jason Avant in that mix and you have a top receiving core in the league. Problem is, Chip Kelly broke it up. He dropped Jackson for nothing, and let Maclin sign elsewhere.The Eagles currently are still sporting a nice slot receiver in Jordan Matthews, but have been going through numerous receivers to pair a duo on the outside with him. The team just signed proven All Pro Alshon Jeffrey as well as former Super Bowl Champion Torrey Smith. Hopefully this can help the team move on from the Nelson Agholor era.As difficult it was to come up with Quincy Williams II Jersey , in this article we will look at the 7 best and 8 worst to come through Philadelphia since 2000, sometimes walking a thin line. NFL Drafts are so unpredictable. Even after months of analyzing players and seeing them in many different settings, you may not land the right player. No one can tell what the future will hold for these players. What was done in college, is almost never repeated in the NFL. That’s why many times you see draft analysts look at players whose traits fit the NFL Ryquell Armstead Jersey , opposed to just watching the most exciting college football players. We have seen many great college players like Vince Young and Darren McFadden who were incredible in college but struggled to have a career in the NFL.Some players are good enough to be drafted but maybe were drafted too high. It happens. It’s really hard to say a talent fits a specific draft pick. Something that many teams have tried to do recently is just picking the best available player, regardless of needs. Sometimes that works because you get the best value for your draft pick, and you’re going after the most talented player you possibly can at that time. It doesn’t always work, but it’s been a successful strategy that has led to more dominant drafts because teams aren’t reaching for players who should be drafted later on.Talent is important Gardner Minshew II Jersey , but something that has become a major problem recently is the background of these players. Teams want to know their off-the-field issues, and what their lives are like away from football. Too many times do you see a player end up in the league, and make a poor decision and their career is over. The draft process can be chaotic.

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