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Feb 2017
Q: I've reached VIP3, but my Construct Queues are not increased, why?
A: If your VIP level meets the requirements, you still need to tap on the + button at the left of the main window to purchase Construct queue.
Q: How can I enter the Shop?
A: Tap the Item button at the bottom of the window to bring out Bag and Shop interfaces.
Q: I want to level up fast, how?
A: Main Quests provide the most EXP. You can also gain EXP from Daily Quests and battles.
Q: What should I do if I run out of Energy?
A: You can wait till Energy restores over time. You can also tap your head icon or open your character interface, then tap the arrow behind the Energy button to purchase Energy.
Q: My resources have maxed out, can I still get resources?
A: The amount of your resources can only temporarily exceed the upper limit when you use Resource Box. However, once reaching the limit, production of all resources will be paused.
Q: Can I reset my Character Skill?
A: If you're not satisfied with your current Character Skill, you can tap on the Reset button at Skill Interface and spend some Coins to distribute your Skill Points again.
Q: How to search other players' coordinates?
A: Tap on the icon at bottom left to switch areas, when you go to World area you will see a Coordinate button at the top right, then input the coordinate and tap confirm to search.
Q: At the Coming Enemy interface, one time I saw an enemy was far away from my base, 1 minute later my base was looted by the enemy, why?
A: The opponent must used Coin to reduce the March Time.
Q: How to construct Oil Well?
A: When your Command Center reaches LV10, you can construct Oil Well on the seas at the bottom right.
Q: What should I do if I don't have enough resources?
A: You can upgrade Resource Building, loot other players, or buy resources from Shop.
How to have more Construct Queues?
A: The higher your VIP level, the more Construct Queues you can purchase.
Q: Are low level warships useless at a later stage?
A: You can upgrade low level warships into high level ones at Refitting Factory.
Q: What should I do if other players frequently attack my base?
A: You can use Migration Order to move your base to other places, or use Defend Shield to protect your base from being attacked.
Q: How to join a Legion?
A: When your Command Center reaches LV5, you can tap it to bring out the Legion List, then you can select a legion to join.
Q: How to increase the number of warships I can take along?
A: You can upgrade your Command Level to increase the number of warships you can take.
Q: How to raise my Military Rank?
A: If your level meets the requirements, you can spend a certain number of Rare Earth to raise your Military Rank.
Q: How to increase my Combat Power?
A: You have to upgrade your warships and increase your Command, Technology, and Skill levels in order to increase your Combat Power.
Q: How to switch account?
A: Tap on the Setting button at the bottom, then tap Switch Account to change an account.
Q: How to switch server?
A: Tap on the Setting button at the bottom, then tap Server List to change a server.
Q: How to protect base?
A: In your base, tap Warfare Center, then Forces, then Max Combat Power to select the forces you want to defend your base.
Q: How to increase March Queues?
A: You have to increase your VIP level in order to have more March Queues.
Q: How to use the items I gained?
A: Tap on the Item button at bottom, then select an item to use.
Q: Why my map is empty?
A: The system is loading the map, please be patient and wait a minute.
Q: How to move my base?
A: You can use Migration Order to move your base to a random empty position on the map. You can also use Advanced Migration Order to move your base to a designated position.
Q: How to chat with others?
A: Tap on the player's name in chat box to send private message to the player.
Q: How to send emails to other players?
A: Tap on the player's name in chat box to send emails to the player.
Q: How to complete daily quests?
A: Open the Quest Interface, tap Daily Quest at right, then receive one quest. You have to complete the quest at first in order to receive the next one. The higher the quest's star level, the harder the quest will be, and the more rewards you will receive.

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