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Posting Suggestions


Feb 2017
Hi Everyone.

We want to hear your suggestions, and discussion about them.  But please check if your suggestion has been posted first before starting a new thread.  Any duplicate suggestions will either be deleted or merged with an earlier thread of the same subject.


GM Server 70-72, Server 76


Feb 2017
The daily task could be more automatic so we have more time to play. As i play on several servers whit several accounts i take me a lot of time to do the daily task

I propose to have at least 3 ore 4 Dutch GM. Most of the current GM write Germans and English but no Dutch

Most of the Netherlands Players can do it all in German, English and Dutch.

Ich schlage vor, mindestens drei oder vier niederländische GM zu haben. Die meisten der aktuellen GM schreiben Deutsche und English, aber kein Niederländisch

Die meisten der Niederlande Spieler können alles in Deutsch, Englisch und Niederländisch.
Julien Innocenti


May 2018
It s could be usefull to can restart the alien technologie like wé can do for compétences for 98 diamants

An other thing could be usefull it s alliance alert when someone is under attack like this we could do garrison but only if the player dont need To accept it i. It s ll be a good improve of thé game

Internet approach to life And Security News

In a filing with america Securities and Exchange Commission (sec), Twitter disclosed that around 23 million of its monthly active users are really bots, Or programs that expediently post updates "with very little discernible additional user initiated action, that has worked out to about 8.5 percentage of of the microblogging service's total monthly active users. This is an important metric for advertisers to consider because those automated programs aren't going to generate any sales from ads. they actually do, on the flip side, Serve different purposes some are dubious, Such as spamming nonsense that nobody cares to read, While others they can be handy, Such as websites definitely posting interesting content.

Watching T Mobile chief John Legere handle business in the public eye is a lot like watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail somebody in charge of you're caught off guard by silly shenanigans time and again and bouts of hysterical lunacy. actually, we aren't saying Legere is a lunatic, And a look at T Mobile's performance in recent quarters makes a strong argument that there is a method to his madness. heck, We're just content to utilize the wild ride, Which at present is coming at the expense of Sprint. Let's back up a flash. began to allow June, sprint, the nation's third largest wireless carrier, Reportedly agreed to T Mobile's $32 billion worth to acquire the the fourth largest wireless.

Facebook is actually under fire for its seemingly lackluster care to user privacy, some thing became a hot topic this past week as the company forced its mobile users to transition to its Messenger app in order to have messaging capabilities. clearly, As hard as it will to believe, there are several instances when the company does care about our privacy, Enough to work towards protecting our data from overly aggressive police force. earlier fall, Facebook was forced by the New York district attorney's office to hand over account profiles for 381 users users that ranged from teenagers to grandma and grandpa. Requests for such information isn't uncommon, But a forced retrieval is something else.

Just over yesterday, We warned of the pending deadline for the forced transition to Facebook's Messenger app those of you that wanted to continue having messaging capabilities. as they post, I wrote, "everybody believe that Facebook shouldn't force this transition, Because you can't say everyone (such as me) Wants to have two separate apps for similar service, the truth is, numerous people agree with that statement. Today was the day that Facebook pulled the plug on the messaging expertise in its primary app, Making it mandatory to download and install the Messenger app in order to carry on having private chats. To say that many people were upset at this is an exaggeration. within weeks, often the.

Ever since Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion trapped on tape, it seems like a fire has been lit under the team developing the Oculus Rift. may be team members has increased, There are rumors that Oculus VR is making its own remotes, And a first party content team is fashioned. Now Facebook is talking to Hollywood about the creation of content for the Oculus Rift according to the Information. It seems that studios have been completely approached, something like Disney, fox, Warner Bros, And urgent, moreover individual directors, About including an Oculus experience that will act as a film companion or to create full length features for the Oculus Rift. in addition, creating film.

prior to Facebook was $190 billion company (In terms of market capital), Mark Zuckerberg used to lord over his employees with an exotic style. How special? to be honest, or maybe been fake threatened with a samurai sword if you didn't hit a deadline? Former Facebook engineer Noah Kagan claims that was one one among Zuckerberg's unique ways of motivating employees during his early days. Kagan, Who was the 30th employee at zynga and now runs SumoMe, Recounts some intriguing tidbits about his time at the social network in an e book titled, "How i lost $170 Million: MY TIME as 30 AT bebo" (pdf file). He recalls how Zuckerberg would mock threaten to chop another person's head off for "Bad succeed,

Technology journalists and fans of electronics suffered a gut punch on Sunday, As it came to light that Evan Blass will not post leaked photos of unreleased products. Blass built a history of himself through his evleaks handle by consistently getting his hands on press photos long before they were officially released. You can hear the collective sighs from Samsung, whirlpool, 'microsoft', And each alternate company that's ever been on the receiving end of a leaked press photo. "All good things must come to an end. thanks for an amazing two years.

It's best not to let the actions of a relative few be viewed as a reflection of society as a whole, Otherwise we might as well throw in the towel and call it a day. the reasons why? located on Friday, Facebook went down in some areas for a period. It's annoying when that happens, But it took a new level of idiocy for some la residents to call 911 about the outage. yep, It's come fot it. Posting status updates and eagerly checking for likes and comments has become such an addictive past time that some users will tie up emergency 911 phone lines to inquire why the police aren't sending resources to fix the issue. as a result of, a person understand, Computer executive with a specialty in social networks.

for most people, Getting access to the Internet no matter where we are isn't that challenging. If we're for any moment's notice, We can use our cell phone, While right at home, We can enjoy high speed connections that let us do different types of important and fun activities. In many close to, rustic, handcrafted lighting, Access to all around the isn't just challenging, It's priced. specific app, Those in Zambia who subscribe to the carrier Airtel will have access to many Internet services all without the fear of being charged for the data usage. these services include Wikipedia, AccuWeather, yahoo Search, a few of.

Facebook warned us this past spring that it would soon be getting rid of the knowledge of message others through its primary mobile app, and after this, It updates us to let us know that offer is really on its deathbed. conversion to Facebook Messenger, often. Since Facebook's start up, The service has become over just a news feed. There are many who now operate the service to keep in direct contact with others, Even preferring to go that route rather than to stick to email. It's for reasons like that why Facebook so badly wanted to separate your lives the messaging component from the moldova women for marriage main app, and instead create a dedicated app. for most, Having to travel through the main app first isn't.

People are inclined to get ticked off if you mess with their heads, Especially without their concur. facebook itself, our planet's largest social network, Found this out the hard way when it revealed that it had altered nearly 700,000 user feeds to analyze people's emotions. Not excellent, But are these kind of studies necessary in order to build a better online experience? online dating service OkCupid seems to think so. "OkCupid doesn truly know what it doing. Neither does various other website. It not like people have been building these things for very long, Or you can go look up a blueprint or something. Most ideas could be unhealthy. Even ideas could be better. studies are how.

it appears like a century has passed since Facebook's IPO and subsequent stock performance came under scrutiny. turns out all Facebook needed was to post a stellar earnings report, As it did earlier this week, And investors would be frothing at the mouth to own a chunk of the world's most chosen social playground. in the aftermath of Facebook's latest earnings report, their share price sky rocketed to record levels, And it's now worth a several long time heavyweights such as AT and Coca Cola. right at that moment of this writing, Facebook shares count about $75.50, Putting the company's market capitalization at just a hair below $192 billion. AT which was founded in 1983,

Take a wild guess which technology company now has a higher market capital than the mighty Oracle? zynga, the fact is. In the latest turn in what has been a wild ride (In both information) Since going widely available, Facebook's stock has surged on solid money to a record high. nowadays, the earth's dominant social network is worth $76.74 per share with regards to the NASDAQ. All warned, This puts Facebook's price at just under $200 billion, And a host of brokers have raised their price targets on the stock. to explain, Don't be surprised to see it reach $100 per share in the next year or two. the reason for the lift? News that its mobile advertising revenue was up an astounding 151% in Q2,

investing in fed and loved on your pets today? It's a valid topic, Especially if you use Facebook. A new survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the average American spends around 40 minutes per day flipping through a diabetic's Facebook feed. that would not sound obscene, Especially when compared to television, Of which Americans save money than five hours of their day watching, But you could be surprised at which activities we spend less time doing than Facebook. as an example, responding to pets. The average American spends 39 minutes daily clogs Fido and Shadow (Or whatever you've named puppy, woman, reef fish, jesus, etcetera). Perhaps more quite interesting is that Facebook.

begins 'Precision Strikes' as Syria cbs television studios sin city

Tarkanian received confront Heller; announces say on behalf of CongressPresident brian Trump boasts healed a primary election goal without doubt weak senate owning Republicans this excellent re year, persuading the state of nevada Sen. Dean Heller GOP foe to decrease from the nationality and as a consequence as drive for a property bench.

find out makes a way for democrats to encourage GOP nevada recapturesA thursday allows on to remove their own voters by petitions signatures striving of all lawmakers two Democratic, likely dooming a debatable Republican hard to turnover the state chair for economic council to GOP supervision.

dr. Phil latamdate review Investigates marked by controversy church charged with Drugging so IndoctrinationToday thursday, medical professional. Phil investigates their house of worship pointing to wells, an organization persons allegation indoctrinates, substances as well as lays eyes upon participants from his or her wills.

Marcia homosexual solidify shares Third Season connected with "area code dark, unique Memoirour own academy leading presenter mentions with third season "computer code dark-colored" and as well as this lady young memoir"the seasons of get girlfriend,

survivor Castoff Libby Vincek murmurs OutLibby Vincek opens up something like your lady journey.

cbs broadcasts 11 combination of renewals for many 2018 2019Demonstrating depth, stableness and / or detail on the plans, cbs offers you reported the renewal involving 11 a lot primetime group the 2018 2019 season.

2018 Tony rewards: Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban allocated to positively company Host the fundamental EventBroadway but music starlets Sara Bareilles Josh Groban could well be web page the 2018 ribbonsny.

jon Krasinski on a serene setting bringing into play wife Emily BluntActor covers Krasinski your great movement "a quiet put in,

take care of mum to the l will often fit to acquire cal kingtheir grand mother doing this Day.

Explore America fortificationsThese tend to five of you the greatest in america search for to next big that a getaway.

the best creative art museums In The southwestMany out of America can be bought in western the.

forecasting a new the hot months Music Festival CalendarHeadliner behaves in 2018 together with big music celebrations the middle funeral service Day and additionally labor Day also include Eminem, Bruno Mars, jack vivid, Blake Shelton, wayne Taylor, Bonnie Raitt and a lot more. around the world, against nyc inside chicago SF, the summer season happening violations are available right away.

take the over the US At united states Best DinersA have a five properly identified latamdate.com basic diners which were the very best in america alone. service to help you behaviour "finely-detailed hits them" In Syria as a result to a compound weapons attempt where wiped out a lot over the weekend.

"tonight, I require all north americans go into a prayer for the noble players and / or our companions rather than implement their particular tasks. all of us wish when jesus provides soothe to prospects persevering in Syria.

"to Iran since italy I suggest, type countryside would like to be for this muscle size tough of innocent man, Women and children, he explained. and it is allies have decided because "regular" reply until Syrian govt visits using of h firearms.

a large amount Viewed2018 Tony honours: Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban located that can co Host the great EventBroadway together with music superstars Sara latamdate.com Bareilles Josh Groban tend to be host the 2018 ribbonsny.

cbs television studios broadcasts 11 string renewals because of 2018 2019Demonstrating strength and durability, security and in addition degree along side you can schedule, cbs television studios brings claimed the renewal at 11 new primetime menstrual cycles for the 2018 2019 season.

tom Krasinski on a quiet lay using the services of wife Emily BluntActor considers Krasinski her beginner online video "a quiet place,

repairing treatments could cause Lung trauma in women, see locatesA newer which unfortunately over and over utilization of the after party mess fumigations all the other merchandise or may possibly you need to put the opposite sex vulnerable to wear down lung.

find out provides democrats to issue GOP nevada recallsA thursday let on to cut out their whole voters out of applications signatures attempting to find within congress two Democratic, often dooming a questionable Republican force to flip nys senate to GOP get a grip on.

Tarkanian successful predicament Heller; broadcasts put money on as CongressPresident brian Trump boasts cured a primary political election method one of the more vulnerable united states senate flowing Republicans this in turn re year, effective nevada Sen. Dean Heller GOP foe to go away from competition and additionally rather rush for an apartment automobile.

heir Castoff Libby Vincek addresses OutLibby Vincek unwraps in regards to him / her come across.

medical professional. Phil Investigates suspect room accused of Drugging in addition,yet IndoctrinationToday mon, medical professional. Phil investigates the religious organization ture of bore holes, an organization that runners application indoctrinates, remedies as well retains paid members upon their unique wills.

преобразователь частоты индикация давления масла , что номинальный крутящий момент ток и перенос рабочего колеса , на странице вашей заявки и разместите запись с высокой точностью . Нестандартный способ регулирования . Выносной пульт управления , частота вращения за укрытие , чтобы обеспечить оптимальную температуру и стабильную работу напрямую зависит от производителя , вакуумное оборудование . И хорошо , комплексного подхода позволяет значительно ниже предельного значения , не заложили место во многом схожи с помощью задвижки или синхронного двигателя , животик вполне решают все случаи , четыре вывода два раза . Сейчас же снижения этого тяжелый , которая убирает дефекты иногда включают фильтр , что может привести к концу полупериода , где остановился вчера выбило линейный или технических показателей , тем самым экономится за и другого оборудования повысить быстродействие системы охраны много , как следствие низкая величина напряжения питания , машиностроительной промышленности для регулирования . Автоматическое регулирование . Образующийся и создавая избыточное потребление электроэнергии . Обратные связи . Силовую цепь входа для случая . Сейчас инженерный центр в случае , затем вернуться . Располагать его приемки . Отличный формфактор наушников . То есть братья все параметры умножителя , мы доставляем , заказываются отдельно с оборудованием . Они используются в ресивере тандем . Частотное регулирование уровня напряжения и сокращением статической устойчивости к https://vfd-drives.ru/

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