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Forum Rules


Feb 2017
Welcome to Movga's forum! These forums are here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss issues about our games with other players, share your ideas and suggestions with us, and report potential bugs and problems to us. However, there is no freedom without the rules, and our forum works best when participants treat posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask you to read our forum guidelines carefully and to observe them.
Please post threads and contents in appropriate areas, if not, they will be moved to the right areas or deleted. If you do not know which area your thread or content belongs to, you can post it in the Chat area.
The following related contents are forbidden in the forum:
A) Contents non-related to Movga games
A) Xenophobia or racism
B) Politics related subjects
C) Anti-constitutional subjects
D) Discrimination of any kind
E) Insults, curses, defamation or abuse words
F) Targeted and non-relevant provocation (trolling)
G) Ads of any kind, including but not limited to character and account selling, application or dissemination of third-party software, illegal download links or other potential market or fraud related content
H) The application, promotion, dissemination, linking and depiction of violence-promoting, drugs, and other potential illegal contents
H) Meaningless posts that aim at upgrading user level and or gathering more viewers, and posting the same content for more than 3 times in the same area
If thread or content of any above related contents is found, it will be deleted and its poster will face the punishment of forbidding of posting and even banning of account if necessary.
If a special case which are not covered by the rules above occurs, the Movga team and its administrators have the right to make a decision upon the basis of available facts.
The ultimate decision-making authority lies with Movga team and its administrator in all situations.
Changes and extensions to these rules are reserved for Movga team.

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