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Are you able to tell the difference among lace closure,lace frontal and 360 lace fron


Jul 2019
[font=微软雅黑]As a regular hair extension users,you must have been asked some questions from your friends,so here is basic one for you! Are you able to tell the difference lace closure,[/font][font=微软雅黑]full lace wigs[/font][font=微软雅黑] and 360 lace frontal?[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]About 360 lace frontal[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]What is the difference among them and how to select[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Different with which does not need any closure or frontal,as a part of a wig,closure is the most widely used and important point. With the help of closures,we can get very natural look easily with baby hair and pre-plucked hair line. The most common type is 4 by 4 lace closure,with 3 styles of middle part,free part,side part. As for the lace colors,light brown,medium brown and transparent color are the common option. Normally 3 or 4 bundles with one closure can make a full head! By the way,Supernova Hair also offers 5 by 5 inches closure,6 by 6 inches closure,7 by 7 inches [/font][font=微软雅黑]wigs for black women[/font][font=微软雅黑] and 2 by 6 inches lace closure.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]About lace frontal[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Actually,lace frontal also can be called lace closure,but lace frontal is only for the type of ear to ear ones usually,we call them lace frontal just for telling easily. For lace frontal,common type we use is 13 by 4 lace frontal for Options of middle part,free part,side part can be chosen. And lace colors are light brown,medium brown,transparent color, normally like lace closures! Same with lace closure,lace frontal is pre-plucked natural line with baby hair attached as well![/font]
[font=微软雅黑]About 360 lace frontal[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]As the name shows,[/font][font=微软雅黑]curly hair weave[/font][font=微软雅黑] means one circle of lace around head,of course including ear to ear,so called 360 lace frontal.Same to the closure and frontal,light brown,medium brown,transparent color as the common color,middle part,free part,side part as the common options,and pre-plucked natural line with baby hair.There is only one size option for 360 lace frontal,which is 22.5x4x2 inches.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]What is the difference among them and how to select[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]As we all know,they are much same in colors,types,natural looks and something else.The difference are around the lace size,shape and styles.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Firstly,as for the lace size,360 lace frontal is bigger than lace frontal,then both of them are bigger than lace closure normally![/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Secondly,as the shape we can see,closure usually is square shape,of which the point is the top head,and for frontal,it is almost a rectangle shape,of which the point is not only the top head but also the side part.No doubt that 360 lace frontal is a round shape,the point spread almost all over the head but the top part.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Thirdly,uses depend which one you actually need!For example:[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]if you need a whole head ponytail,360 lace frontal is the perfect and only choice for you compared with closure and frontal.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]2.if you need deeper part,closure and frontal can be your nice choice,and closures have more options for you, like 6 by 6 lace closure,7 by 7 lace closure,2 by 6 lace closure.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]3.If you need a high natural ponytail,closure is no doubt your perfect choice!of course we can still do it on frontal but limited style I think.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑]After reading,how much do you know about ;these 3 styles of common hair products? Will it become easier and useful for you to find the one you really need? Hope it would! If there are any questions or needs Wiggins hair,please feel free to contact us![/font]

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