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Basic Combat Tips


Feb 2017
Hya there! This thread contains some basic Combat Tips, which, if followed, can save your Ships, rescources, and prosperity. Also, they might help you minimize the damage caused by an enemy Attack. I Hope this will help!

Tip one: Always keep upgrading your warehouse

When you have just started recently, this won't help much, as new players are unlikely to get attacked because of the limited amount of rescources you could get, but when you progress in the game it is crucial to keep upgrading your two warehouses.

They keep a certain amount of each rescource safe. When a rescource type is under the warehouse limit, the amount will be shown in white. If it is not under warehouse protection, it will be show in yellow So if it is above warehouse protection, try to upgrade buildings or build ships, or donate some to your Legion. Possible Attackers will not always want to attack a player when they can only steal a small amount of rescources, or even nothing!

Tip two: NEVER deploy a Defense fleet

This might seem weird to the new ones, as it is just logical when you see that your under attack, to deploy a fleet for defense. But it is NOT recommended to do that, because if the attacker wins:
  • you lose 20% of all your ships destroyed. Sometimes this costs you power
  • You lose Rescources, if above Warehouse Limit
  • You lose Prosperity. If you lose too much, your Unit Amount will decrease, with a small loss of power. Prosperity will regenerate over time.
  • You will lose Rare Earth used to Repair any destroyed ships.

The first point, about the Ships, can be prevented by NOT deploying a Defense.
And you can save your Rescources by checking tip 1.
Prosperity can not be saved in a warehouse like rescources, but you will regain Prosperity if lost.

Although the best way to protect yourself from Attacks is to Move away, or deploy a shield.

You might only want to deploy defense fleets if:
  • You are one of the best players of the server
  • If you certainly know you will be able to win the battle
  • if you are online, and already being sure of the Two above.
And Never EVER put up a defense before you go offline for a while. It is better to lose some rescources in attack, than to lose some of your power and ships AND resources

Tip three: Before attacking a strong player, send out scouts.

This is a tip mainly for the stronger players. Like your searching for a target in The World map, you find a high ranked active player. You tag him, and when you think he won't be online, you attack with your main fleet, only to see after the attack that that one player WAS online, put up a defense that crushed your main fleet, and you lost half of your power and your stuck with a repair bill that you still will be paying months later. I have experienced that kind of attack backfiring. So that's why his tip is here.

After doing the usual scout. Attack with only one ship. If the player was online, you will see in battle reports how strong his defense was, and depending on that, you attack again with more ships, or if his defense fleet is too strong, just choose another target.
DONT attack with your main battle fleet until you have the report of your scout ship. Otherwise you might still lose your fleet and power.

Tip four: after a successful attack, move away.

If that player you targeted was not offline and your attack was successful. Always make sure you have a Migration order to move your base away so your target will have to find you again, and if you get attacked. Do the same, move your Base away if possible, or Deploy a Shield. If none of the two is possible, DON"T Deploy a Defense Fleet and Spend as many rescources above Warehouse limit as possible to not let them fall into the hands of a attacker.

Tip Five: Don't stay in mines for too long

When you go mining, make sure that you at least call your fleet back before the night, as when your fleet stays in a mine, the mine colors. The longer you mine in that mine, the more it colors:
  •  First green, after 3 hours 31 minutes
  •  Then blue, after 10 hours 31 minutes
  • Ten purple, after 35 hours 6 minutes.
 It allows you to get more resources per mining trip and  will allow you to gather Alien Rock for Alien tech, but big players will also see the mine as a target to obtain military exploits. So watch out and DONT use your main fleet for mining. The best thing to do is to only mine when your online yourself. If you see the Red Alarm, a sign of an incoming attack, Don't look to see who it is, but immediately Call back any Fleets in Mines, and Undeploy any Defenses and use up as much rescources as you can.

That was it, I hope this will help some of you and if you have another tip to minimize the chance of losing tons of resources or ships, please tell and I will edit it in! That's it for now. 
Quote:Fleet Command
EU-135 ShadowNavy founder and ex-Leader, now Member

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Email: SimonPalmer99@Yahoo.com
Message me if you have any questions!

Cheers Big Grin

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