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Confirmation when accepting items


Feb 2017
One of the things that have been bothering me is that a lot of things ingame you can do accidentaly.
There are a lot of things that miss a confirmation button before the action is completed.

 I will give an example when a player is scrolling through his bookmark he often changes a bookmark or adds one of the 3 actions to that bookmark, this needs to be changed.

Another example is interserver battle, the score shop does not ask confirmation before changing in scores for items. A person like me accidentally presses on something and like that without wanting it I bought something I do not need because of a misclick, where is the confirmation before the purchase?

Add things that need confirmation below to the thread.



Feb 2017
As ya said, bookmarks in world map, upgrading buildings -sometimes I accidentally upgrade a mine and I cancel it, but can't upgrade warehouse anymore- and 4D war...but the bookmarks are the most important issues here...please fix movga
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