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-Request- Interserver-battle


Feb 2017
InterServer Battle

Is a fight between the top4 of 4 servers. 
You are eliable to register for this event being in the top 4 in Military Exercise(M.E) on your server.
Before the Event starts it will countdown from 2 days until the day fleet registration can begin, in the following link please look at the countdown. 
Link: HERE

There are 2 stages in this event, You have a group game and a elimation fight.
The group fight basically decides in which segment you will be sorted into for the elimination fight(Winners or Losers).
There are a few basic concepts to understand before we proceed.

  • Losing Twice in this event means you are out of the event.
  • For every match you win you get 600 scores
  • The Winners Fight once everyday, the Losers fight twice everyday
link: HERE
link: HERE

Fleet Settings:
In this tab from after the start of registration you are able to setup your fleet. Every fight 1/2/3 has a certain sea bonus effect that is decided from the moment you know your next opponent. It is general common knowledge that people will use reds/yellows/pink ships in here that. The rewards generally outweight the costs unless you that far behind. You can change your fleet position in the main window after selecting your ships, the ships you select for slot 1 you can drag to 2 or 3 and vice verça. Once you select save all in the main window everything will be saved, from buffs to commander level and legion technologies.
link: HERE

Group Fight:
This first fight is basically a decider into which group you will be divided into, there can be only 8 winners and 8 losers.
Some may select no fleet in this segment to start in the loser group, however 1 more loss would mean you are compleetly out of the event.
link: HERE

Elimination Fight:
The second round basically is divided into 2 groups, winners and losers. The winners fight only 1 battle every day while the losers fight 2 battles everyday. If a somebody in the winner group loses, he will be dropped to the loser group and fight 1hour after the first fight on that day. The time and dates are on the top of your screen in the picture below.
link: HERE
link: HERE

Flowers& Rewards:
In every round may it be the group or elimination game, you are able to 'bet' on the winning player. The first bet is always compleetly free but if for some reason you want to put in more you are able to do for diamonds with an exponential curve. After round you are able to receive the flowers in the flower details tab in the main window.
link: HERE
link: HERE
Rewards are received at the end of the game in the rewards tab, you have to wait until the finale is player and the overall ranking is available to the populus. When this happens the ocean center will display the winner in a banner above the building in your base.
link: HERE

As always you are able to then turn in these for items in the shop,
Please be advised there is no confirmation button in the shop, so if you accidentally press on a item you will receive it!

ps: This thread is very basic and will get edited over time.

Is it me or has the edit button been deleted on the forum?



Feb 2017
Yes, edit button is gone, as you saw. But anyways good post!
Quote:Fleet Command
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Email: SimonPalmer99@Yahoo.com
Message me if you have any questions!

Cheers Big Grin



Feb 2017
Great post sigma

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