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Poll: Do you agree or Disagree with the addition of Engine Upgrades
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No, the current system is Balanced enough
3 42.86%
Yes, but the Engine Upgrade idea needs reworking
2 28.57%
Yes, The Engine Upgrade idea is more balanced than the current one
1 14.29%
Both are unbalanced
1 14.29%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Ivan's batch of suggestions, problems and stuff


Feb 2017
would seem like a good idea, maybe a 30 second delay, to give people time to set up a fleet which is not max power
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Feb 2017
Hi all,

for me, accelerating with diamonds makes the game. Why should I spend hours of my time exploring red mines when someone has 10, 20, or 30 seconds to get their fleet from the mine, and if necessary, set a large fleet as a trap? And yes, there are very good strategies. 4x6 slots so the opponent is not interesting. Collective fleets whose loss does not hurt. I spent a lot of time building fleet fleets, while others used the time to gain strength. I am therefore for the previous solution.

Ciao, Rüdiger


Feb 2017
exchanging fleets within 10 (20, 30, ...) seconds will require diamonds as well, besides of having to be online at that time and even then taking notice of the attack at all (because as you know you´ll only get the red flashing thing while in base view mode). that´s pretty close to not having a chance at all. why should the attacker does not have any risk?

I can see that you have set your strategy to (ab)use the unbalanced attacking feature and are willing to spend (lots) of diamonds to follow it. that´s OK, but why should all advantages be just on the side of the attacker: he can see the fleet of the victim, he can see his level and therefore spend hours to speculate on his chances, whereas the victim doesn´t have any clue at all and can see all this just from a battle report.
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