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GUIDE - Leigon Interserver


Feb 2017
The Leigon Interserver Battle (short Alli-ISK or also ISAK)
During the ISAK, the 4 best alliances (Leigon Ranking) from 2 server groups compete against each other in a knockout competition. The server groups are announced by Movga before the battle.
But what is a server group? A server group is either a single server if it is not already affected by a merge, or a group of servers that have already been merged. The number of the lowest server, which is represented in this group, is the number of the server group. So do not be surprised if your server is not in the list. 
3 days before the first fight, the ocean center opens. Then you can go into it and find out abit more about it.
One day before the fight the Leigons are informed via Systemmail that they have qualified for the ISAK. Now your leigon leader can register.
1. The Leader of the Leigon must register the Leigon once. If not, the Leigon does not participate and loses the first fight automatically.
2. All Leigon level 30 and Leigon members of more than 24h can now provide troops. But be careful: 1:25 will be exchanged. The ships you put here are lost. However, you do not lose a single ship more than you 1:25 of what you set. If you change the fleets, you may have to change their ships if they have not previously been in the fleet.

Note: When saving the fleets, all active buffs are saved and are only overwritten when the fleet is changed and a new save is made. So think carefully when you change something.

3. Another point in setting up the fleet is the "Sold" field. When you click this, you can place diamonds. What happens? Very easily. During the battle, you can speed up your fleets, shorten the gathering of the fleets and "book" experts. Actually as with the Leigon War. Only here, with one exception. You can only use the diamonds you have previously deposited to pay. But do not worry, if you have "deposited" too much, you can return, after the fight, all that you have not used. Or they will stay for the next fight. YOU CANNOT RETURN DIAMONDS AFTER THE POINT SHOP CLOSES
4. You can now see the schedule. Do you know who meets whom? You can also see the date and time of your fight in this overview plan. Take care, it will vary!
5. You can donate flowers in the same window. You know that from other events. There is only one restriction. You can only give flowers to an alliance. So think well who you support and where to get the most out for you. With the flowers is of course not only for all participants but for all donors!
You can donate every day a fight takes place!
6. You can now "Activate Defensefleet". These base your base and consist of ships that correspond to your maximum ship technology. Mean, you can build Midways, your mixed yellow fleets your base. You can activate up to 15 fleets by donating slides or oil. But beware! These are not insurance. As soon as a fleet was involved in a fight, it is no longer available. Also not if it was not completely destroyed.
In order to maximize these 15 fleets, you need to raise 200 points. A donor point is either 15 slides or 2M oil. This results in a maximum of 3000 slides or 400M oil. Of course, can be mixed. But since all donation points of the alliance are counted, I recommend to save some oil in the alliance.
The defense fleets must be reactivated before each fight !!!!

[Image: img_6300.png]
The day of fight
Now it is time. 10 minutes before the first battle opens the battlefield. Now you see the first time the playing field. But let's go to the bottom of the picture.
The experts
You can as with the Ak 4 experts against a "low" fee hitch. Of course, the level of the expert decreases the probability of the level upgrade. I once high all experts and I have used up about 800 slides of my deposited pay.
I do not want to penetrate too deeply, because I do not want to give any tactics. Just point out the special features. I ask for your understanding.
The playing field
[Image: bildschirmfoto2017-06-02um19.1.png]

On the playing field you can see several occupying islands. The alliance that occupies the island gets points (similar to Rk / Ak). In the middle the large base gives more points than the smaller ones around. 

Translation of GM-Gizmos post - google translate and tidied up as much as possibe.  Hope it's clear enough

And sorry the images don't seem to have carried through, I will try and get english screenshots
GM Server 70-72, Server 76


Feb 2017

Just why you mention Diamonds as "Diamonds" in one part, but then call Diamonds:  "Slides" in another part. Could cause confusion.
And it's  "Legion",  not  "Leigon" Wink

More grammar mistakes:

"Then you can go into it and find out abit more about it"
-Too much "It" Wink
-could be: You can find more info regarding the ISAK in the Ocean Center

'One day before the fight the leigons are informed via SystemMail that they have qualified for ISAK. Now your leigon leader can register."
-Here you have "Leigon" instead of "Legion"
-Should it not be that you get informed that you have qualified for the ISAK AFTER register? How can you get qualified for something when you have not registered yet. I think it is just a mistake, as the top 4 legions are automatically qualified lol. Wo
-could be: One day before the Battle the Legion Leader has the ability to Register for the ISAK.

"2. All leigon level 30 and Leigon members of more than 24h can now provide troops, but be careful 1:25 will be exchanged."
-Sorry, but "Hope its clear enough" does not apply here lol.
Could be: All legion Members who have player level 30 or above, and have joined the legion at least 24h before the start of the Battle will be able to participate. Fleets are deployed with a 1:25 Ratio, meaning for every ship used you will be able to get 25 Shadow Ships for battle.

"6. you can now activate "DefenseFleet" These Base your Base and consist of ships that correspond to your maximum ship technology. Mean, you can build midways, your mixed yellow fleets your base"

-Holy Potato. What the bloody hell is THAT Tongue
-These Base your Base? Cool!
-Mean, you can build midways: No, not everyone can build MidwaysCarriers yet.
-Your mixed yellow fleets your base.....ehhhh

-2 Difficult 2 Understand 4 Me

This is why, ladies and gentlemen, We should take down Google translate Tongue

And this is why, Noooo, you should always read your post for eventual grammar mistakes

Here: A LOT of them .________.
Quote:Fleet Command
EU-135 ShadowNavy founder and ex-Leader, now Member

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Email: SimonPalmer99@Yahoo.com
Message me if you have any questions!

Cheers Big Grin

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