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Prosperity Explanation


Feb 2017
Prosperity is the amount of wealth generated by your base.
Every 500 prosperity gives 5 extra slots to put fleet into.
To fully understand how prosperity works I will divide buildings into 2 groups:

Primairy Buildings such as Command Center, Research Lab, Rare Earth Lab, Refit Factory, Highest Warehouse, Highest Shipyard, Highest Oil mine, Highest Iron Mine, Highest Aluminium Mine, Highest Titanium Mine.

Secondairy Buildings: Lowest Shipyard, Lowest Warehouse, Lower Oil Mines, Lower Iron Mines, Lower Aluminium Mines & Lower Titanium Mines

Leveling any of your primairy buildings will grant you an extra 5 points of prosperity. Leveling any of your secondairy building will NOT grant you any prosperity. The highest level of building always grants you the prosperity unless in the case of unique buildings like command center.

Your prosperity when it is full is capable is growing above the amount you get from your buildings by 10%. This part cannot be bought back with diamonds and has to be earned by bringing back resources to your base.

If your base gets hit by an enemy commander your prosperity drops to 50% of what it was, this will occur until you are left with very little left. As a result of your prosperity dropping your command capacity will also drop. 
You can increase your prosperity again by bringing back ressources (This can be from a mine or a enemy base). Your prosperity also will regenerate overtime.



Feb 2017
Thanks. Good explanation. Can you tell more about prosperity regrowth?


Feb 2017
(02-19-2017, 05:54 PM)sherlock Wrote: Thanks. Good explanation. Can you tell more about prosperity regrowth?

I am sorry, but I would say it happens quite quickly without pulling in resources the person will get 100% within 24hours.
When pulling in resources 100% can be achieved within a hour after being hit. 110% will take longer.

Therefor if your question relates to weither it is worth attacking a player before an ak or rk to reduce their prosperity my answer would be yes.


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