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FLeet Power Explanation


Feb 2017
Some of you have probably already noticed that it is possible to build numerous ships or to upgrade accessories without the least change in the combat power. I want to try to explain why this happens: 

If you want to set up a fleet somewhere, be it for dungeons or to attack mines, there is always the button around the max. Fleet. If you press this button, the game creates a line-up that fills the 6 slots of 1-6, each with the strongest combination of ships and officers. Assuming you have 6 slots in each of which 200 ships fit and you have 1000 Dreadnaughts Battleships, 450 Reputation ships and 800 heavy Battleships.

 Since the  Reputation ships are the strongest, the first two slots are filled with them. In the other 4 slots come Dreadnaught Battleships. So everything is full. Now the officers are distributed to the fleet. You can now build as many Dreadnaughts as you want, you will not gain strength. Even the Heavy  Battleships can go from the quantity into the millions, without even a single little point increase in combat power. 
The only option would be to get more Reputation Battleships. At the moment the strength of the Red bs is greater than the power of 200 dreads, the Rep Bs will take a slot from the Dreadnaught BS. The same applies to all other ship classes as well. The ships, which in sum have the higher combat strength, occupy a slot. If the slot is full, you can build as many ships of the same class as you want. This will not increase the fighting power.
Therefore always ensure that you fill the slots with ships. Do not always build the same. A healthy mixture of all classes is actually quite advisable. 

If you have filled all slots according to your own wishes, you can start to expand the fleet in the background. This has the advantage that one has in the expeditionary force always full slots, because in the background still enough ships are in reserve to fill the slots again.There is also the possibility to further expand the attachments, increase the abilities, or increase the level / leadership level to increase the slots. But beware. Also with the attachments there are only points on the combat power of the set ships, the max. Fleet. Has one as max. If only fleet ships are used, then one does not need to wonder that there is no growth in strength if one improves attachments of the other ship classes. But also here one can reach the point that another ship class, with fewer ships overgrows your current setup.. 

It is possible is that if you attack an opponent and destroy your fleet, they will not have lost a single point of combat power. This is either because you have not caught the Main, or that he has so many ships that he can put the Main times x2
Written by Xsaero - Server 8 (LND), Server 19 (Germany II), and Server 66 (BAW)

Pressing Maximum Power you can see what are your 6 slots. For Example if I do it I will get 3 times Reputation BS, 1 Yorktown AIrcraft carrier slot, 1 Liaoning Class Aircraft carrier and 1 Killer Class frigate.

If I do elite mission 9-3 and get Liaoning Class Aircraft carriers my power will increase.
If I make Reputation Battleship my power does not increase.
If I made another fleetslot of Yorktown Aircraft carriers, my power would jump at a certain point and start increasing for every Yac I made.


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