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Legion Interserver Battle
Henry Gavin


Feb 2017
Dear commanders,
The wars have raised to a new level, Legions of nearby areas need to unite together to face potential enemies from other areas, forming a new Legion Interserver Battle situation!
You can take part in this marvelous event in Ocean Center, and get Points for exchanging items from both fighting the battles or presenting flowers to the legions you like, but remember the Precious items are only for worriers in Battles!
Commanders of Legions that are about to fight this Legion Interserver Battle, please note:
1. The Notification of Legion Interserver Battle will start from 10th, the leaders of qualified Legions will receive a qualification mail, after which leaders need to apply for the Battle manually in the Ocean Center - Legion Interserver Battle event. The schedule will be arranged according to the rankings of applied legions.
Qualification: Top 4 Legions of servers: 
(EU-001, EU-002) VS (EU-003, EU-004)
(EU-005, EU-008) VS (EU-006, EU-007)
(EU-009, EU-011, EU-013) VS (EU-010, EU-012, EU-014)
(EU-015, EU-018, EU-019) VS (EU-021, EU-024, EU-026)
(EU-016, EU-017, EU-020) VS (EU-022, EU-023, EU-025)
(EU-027, EU-028, EU-029) VS (EU-034, EU-037)
(EU-030, EU-033) VS (EU-031, EU-032)
(EU-035, EU-036, EU-038) VS (FR Servers)
(EU-039, EU-046) VS (EU-040, EU-044, EU-047)
(EU-041, EU-043, EU-048) VS (EU-042, EU-045)
(EU-049, EU-051, EU-053) VS (EU-050, EU-056, EU-058)
(EU-052, EU-054, EU-057) VS (EU-055, EU-059, EU-060)
(EU-061, EU-062, EU-069) VS (EU-063, EU-065, EU-066)
(EU-064, EU-067, EU-068) VS (EU-070, EU-071, EU-072)
2. The battle is on a map in which there are multiple strongholds for both sides and the bases. You will not be able to see the movements of your enemy, thus communication and deduction is needed to win the battle!
3. All members of qualified legions that have joined in the legion at least 24 hours before the battle starts, and have reached lv30 can take part in fights, but keep in mind that unlike the Interserver Battle, you will not revive after killed in fights, you need to stand to the last for the winning!
4. Please remember to save your best fleet formation for the Battle.
For more details please go to the event interface in the game. Good luck!


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everybody an obvious red sign now, But Wilkerson approached him versus being sought out. She had no reason to think she hadn't found a ruggedly beautiful man who traveled a lot, and thereby, Hadn't met the right one yet.

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eventually, several weeks ago in late August, The ship's engine appear to blew. Pfister and his crew were stranded at sea.

"He said he couldn't get an email to the engine company to plod through, So he desired if I'd send it, Wilkerson predicts. So your own woman did.

the organization that could provide the new engine responded, revealing the engine would cost $177,000, along with a $10,000 childbirth fee.

More emails to all ensued, And the engine company agreed to provide the engine to Pfister's ship, Where he could write them a carefully consider it. But there was the problem of getting that $10,000 delivery charge to the corporate.

Pfister asked Wilkerson to email his bank and see if through transfer the money from his account to the engine company.

"They said and said they couldn't do it just by my word, Wilkerson talked about. "So he gave me his account info and asked me to make it,

Wilkerson logged into Pfister's checking account and saw that he had $4.8 million within. She attemptedto send $10,000 in the account to the engine company, But it didn't work. mother messaged beautiful latin girls Pfister, And that's when he asked Wilkerson if she would mind sending $10,000 of her own money to the engine company from her account. although, you, Pay her back home.
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